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AFTAL Complaints Procedure


Nobody is perfect, and from time to time we all make mistakes, this can happen in any walk of life, and indeed in any business. Now that the AFTAL Approved Dealer list has passed the 50 mark, we believe the time is right to instigate a simple but effective complaints procedure.

Your complaint may be that you have simply purchased something and it has not arrived, are concerned about claims made by someone on their website, or perhaps believe a dealer is selling fakes. All AFTAL dealers have a strict code to abide by, which can be found here on the website, and if they do not adhere to that code, then you may be justified in making a complaint.

In the first instance of course, if you have a complaint about an AFTAL dealer, then you should raise this with the dealer yourself, and only after this has been done will AFTAL accept a complaint. However, we accept that in rare cases this is not always possible or indeed practical, and if you think that your complaint may fit into this category, then please contact us first, outlining your complaint, but without naming the dealer, and we will then discuss this with you to see if you would need to file a complaint form.

If you should have any legitimate complaint against any AFTAL Dealer, whether it be regarding the authenticity of material or an item ordered and not received, and you have already discussed this with the dealer themselves, then all you need do is simply let us have your complaint in writing or via the email address below. We can however only accept complaints against AFTAL Approved Dealers, and not those on the Pending list. Dealers on the pending list are dealt with separately, and you should check the Pending list to see how this works.

All complaints will be dealt with on a strictly confidential basis, and none of the information given will ever be seen by anyone other than by AFTAL board members or others on a need to know basis. The name of the complainant will also remain private with regard to the complained.

On receipt, each complaint will be acknowledged, so a working email or address is required for this. AFTAL will endeavor to handle each complaint as quickly as possible, but we cannot give any time scale for completion, as each case can vary enormously, and we may have to make many enquiries regarding your complaint.

We will not however deal with complaints that are anonymous or ones that have been posted on this or any other forum. If you have a complaint, then we are happy to deal with it, providing that we have some contact point. In many cases we will require more information than we may originally receive, and therefore it may take several letters or emails before we have all the required information for us to fully investigate your complaint.

You can download the complaints form below, and then return it to us via mail or email. Please ensure that you give us as much information as possible, and please write clearly, and please note that we will only deal with complaints written out on the correct complaints form.

You can download the complaints form here.



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